Sunday, April 20, 2014

New WIP: Bison

Currently on my easel is this big fella. I love painting animals in or near water because I love painting water. So when I photographed this bison bull crossing this stream in Yellowstone I knew it would become a future painting. This painting will be completed in oils and measures 18x36. I started the painting by toning the panel down with a thinned acrylic burnt sienna. Then, I started loosely blocking the bison in with oils thinned with mineral spirits.

Here's a detail shot of the bison in the initial block-in phase. 
This is the whole painting blocked in and ready for detail. 
This is how the painting currently looks. Details have been added to the bison and work has started on the grasses.

Finished: A Distant Howl

I finally finished the wolf piece I started many moons ago. This was one of those pieces I had to keep putting aside not because of lack of inspiration, but because other more pressing projects came up, including a major commission. This painting was actually completed a few months ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting it. I hope you like it. This wolf has been alerted by a distant howl. Is it a rival or is he being alerted by his pack to come join in a hunt? I'll let the viewer decide.
A Distant Howl, 12x16, Oil on linen