Friday, January 31, 2014

Raven Drawing

Earlier this month, I completed this drawing of a raven that I photographed in Yellowstone near the Fishing Bridge area. He and his compadre posed quite nicely for me on a sign. This piece was done entirely with charcoal; both vine charcoal and charcoal pencils were used. I used just a little white charcoal too. It was great fun to do. I have not done a graphite drawing in a LONG time and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing them. I think I will try to do more of these when I get the chance. I sold this one off of my Facebook fanpage in an auction. If you are on Facebook, check out my page. I post upcoming shows, news, and other stuff going on with my art. From time to time, I auction off pieces as well such as this raven.

WIP - Raven
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Raven, 9x12, Charcoal on Arches hot press watercolor paper

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