Sunday, September 21, 2014

New WIP - Female White Necked Jacobin

After working on two back-to-back large pieces, I've decided to work on a much smaller scale. It's always a nice break for me and something different to keep it fun and interesting. Coincidentally, I've been also thinking of entering a small works show that's coming up in the next few months. I thought a pair of White-necked Jacobins would be fun to paint and perfect for the small scale, so I poured through my reference photos from my Trinidad trip back in 2008. What an adventure that was! Jacobins are a fairly large hummingbird (approx. 4.5" long). Yesterday, I started work on the female...
WIP - Female White-necked Jacobin, 6 x 6, oil
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Finished - Snowy Owl Painting "Arctic Visitor"

I finally finished the snowy owl piece. It was inspired by the snowy owl that came through our area last December. I depicted her hunting the edge of a corn field covered in snow melt that had frozen over. I spent several very chilly days photographing her with numb fingers but it was worth it. She was beautiful. Hope you like it.
Arctic Visitor, 24 x 24, oil.
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Detail of Arctic Visitor.
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