Sunday, February 2, 2014

New WIP: Barn Owl in Cemetary Watercolor

I've started a new watercolor. It's been a awhile since I've done one. My watercolors are very time-consuming as I put a lot of detail into them. This one will be no exception. The idea for this piece came about as I was out one evening photographing a snowy owl that had come down from the north to hunt in a field just a few miles from my house. This field is across from a cemetary. I had been parking my car there while taking shots of the snowy. One evening, I walked back to the car and one of the monuments in the cemetary caught my eye; it was a monument of Christ looking over the deceased with this gorgeous green moss growing down the side of his head and down his robe. I love when nature takes over man-made objects. The patinas, rust, and moss that take over are beautiful...and fun to paint. I knew I wanted to paint this. But what bird would I put in the piece? I decided on a barn owl. They are known as "ghost owls"...rather appropriate for a cemetary scene. I thought it would be a cool idea to have my ghost owl fly off from the monument's head as it takes off for its evening hunt.
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WIP 1 - Detail of Christ monument

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