Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New WIP: Moose


Sorry it's been awhile since my last post...the holidays and just generally being busy has kept me from posting anything. I assure you I have been painting! I'm currently working on an 18x24 oil of a bull moose. This piece was inspired by my trip last fall to Grand Teton National Park. I specifically went there to seek out moose reference and the moose did not disappoint! On my last day out there, I was fortunate enough to capture this big guy in gorgeous morning light crossing a riverbed. This painting has been slow-going as there's quite a bit of scenery and water to tackle. I toned the panel with a wash of burnt sienna. I started working from the top down, but I could not resist working on the moose and getting some of the water started. You can see the section I've been avoiding - the middle area. This area is supposed to be a stoney bank. On the far right, behind the moose's butt, you can see where I've started to lay the stones loosely in. It helps me to turn the painting upside down when painting complicated areas such as this. By turning the piece upside down, it forces my eyes to see shapes. Hopefully, by the next post, the stoney bank will be in place.

Click image to enlarge.