Saturday, June 8, 2013

New WIP: Bull Moose Commission

I am currently working on what is the first in a pair of 24"x30" moose paintings I have been commissioned to paint. My client is kindly letting me share this piece with you as it progresses. The client wanted a bull moose in a mountain setting so I am using the Grand Teton range as the backdrop for the handsome moose. It is still in the block-in phase... just laying in the first layer of color. As you can see, I need to finish blocking in the mountains and a few more trees. Then, I will start to go in with the next layer and refine as I go.
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marc calvo said...

Kelly!,the Gran Teton is in southern Wayoming or in northern Colorado you know?.I see in internet a new record of Shira's moose bull, of more than 650kg weight!captured near Teton's range!.