Saturday, April 6, 2013

Red Knobbed Hornbill

I recently completed this watercolor of a male Red Knobbed Hornbill. Sorry there are not any progress shots of this one. It seemed like everytime I wanted to snap a progress shot outside, the weather was bad. So, I just kept working. This piece measures 22x15. I painted it on a sheet of handmade Twinrocker paper. It was my first time using their paper; it was different than the Strathmore 300 lb paper I'm used to. It buckled easily, which I was not happy with. Doubt I will be using it again. My reference for this painting was obtained from the San Diego Zoo.

Red Knobbed Hornbill, 22x15, Watercolor on Twinrocker paper
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Detail - Red Knobbed Hornbill
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