Sunday, January 29, 2012

WIP: Downy Woodpecker Update #2

After 10 wonderful and inspiring days spent in Yellowstone and Kalispell, MT I have returned to the easel. I got back to work on the little downy yesterday; I added more texture to the background, roughed in the hemlock bark, and refined some small details on the bird. Will work on it some more today.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New WIP: Downy Woodpecker

With news of a new show in the spring and another one pending, I decided I should try and crank out some smaller, affordable pieces. So, I started this 6x8 oil of a male downy woodpecker yesterday. I shot the reference outside my dining room window of this male downy feeding at one of the suet cages I have setup. He would grab some and quickly look around to make sure no predators were about. Wise, as there's several sharpshinned hawks that frequent the neighborhood. In my reference, he had suet all caked on his bill, but I used artistic license and cleaned his bill up!
Click image to enlarge.