Sunday, November 11, 2012

New WIP: Barred Owl

After completing my last owl piece - which I am entering in the Randy Higbee Gallery 6x6 show - I decided I had just enough time to complete another entry before the Nov 18 deadline. I decided to do another owl portrait because (a) I love them and (b) I thought they would look nice as a pair. So, here's the start of yet another 6x6 owl. This time it's a Barred Owl. I'm starting this one just as the last one with loose, thinned acrylics for the underpainting. It'll be finished off in oils.

Click image to enlarge


Caroline B said...

I love the way you capture feathers in such understated brushstrokes - wish I could do that!

Jill Iversen said...

Love it!

Kelly Singleton said...

Thanks Caroline and Jill! I will post the finished piece sometime this weekend.