Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coyote Painting

I apologize that I did not post any work in progress photos of this one - it went pretty quickly once I got into it. I actually started this little painting of a coyote last year in a Greg Beecham workshop as my class project. I wanted to watch Greg paint, so I did not get much further than the underpainting stage. Recently, I began working on it again because I was awaiting a shipment of painting panels. I had nothing planned out to work on until they arrived, so I started playing around with this one again. Finished it up yesterday. Per a friend's suggestion, I'm calling this one "Snow Patrol". Hope you like it.

Snow Patrol, 9x12, oil on linen panel
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Detail of Snow Patrol
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Marc Calvo said...

Beatifull coyote Kelly,and also this picture have a bery good lights.

Kelly Singleton said...

Thank you Marc! Glad you like it.

Gabrielle said...

That's wonderful that you did a workshop with Greg Beecham. I got to meet him this fall at the Susan K. Black Art Workshop. What a great guy! I could've watched him paint for hours. This painting is also great. I'm glad you decided to work on it again.

Kelly Singleton said...

Gabrielle - Thanks! Yeah, Greg's a great guy and amazing artist. I too could just watch him paint for hours.