Friday, June 8, 2012

Finished: Bighorn Painting

Today, I finished up the small bighorn painting I started as a demo piece while at the Society of Animal Artists show at the Ward World Championship Carving Competition. I spent time with this cooperative fellow while visiting Yellowstone earlier in the year. I'm calling this one "Little Bighorn".

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Little Bighorn, Oil on linen, 9x12

Little Bighorn (Detail)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Max and Bodie

I have not posted for awhile since I have not been up to painting. The last month was a rough one for me as I lost my beloved boxer, Max. It was totally unexpected and sudden. He was nine, but was in great condition and seemed in excellent health. He was my loyal companion and the best dog I ever had. I've had several dogs as pets during my life, but he was truly special. His loss hit me hard and with it my desire to paint.

Max and I in Susquehanna State Park last year.

A few weeks ago, I decided to adopt another boxer from rescue. His name is Bodie, he's 19 months old and he has the rare reverse brindle coloration, making him appear black. Bodie and his brother were given up for adoption by his owners because he played too rough with the family's 4 year old son and the couple was expecting another child. They condemned the 2 dogs outside resulting in the dogs hardly getting any attention. Their loss is my gain...he's a sweetheart! Bodie is very well behaved and intelligent. He's doing great with my husband and I and we just love him! I think this guy is going to be a special one too. He's brought the smile back to my face and I'm happy to report I'm finally back to painting today! I will post some painting updates soon...