Sunday, December 11, 2011

WIP: Another Update on the Terns

While nursing a sore jaw over the last few days (I had a tooth extracted Friday), I holed up in the studio and made some more progress on the terns. As you can see now, the second tern has been started. Just roughing it in at this point. The other tern is probably finished, but I may finesse it a little later. This is only a portion of the 18x24 panel.

Click to enlarge.


Fran A.H. Alvarado said...

Hello Kelly
The image you show reminds me of a similar one I saw in which the protagonists were Chlidonias hybridus. I have the intention of making a sculpture with this issue.
Beautiful painting, I hope to see it finished.

Passiflora Foetida said...

I have to say that your work is absolutely stunning.

Kelly Singleton said...

Fran, what a neat sculpture that would make! Hope you pursue it.

Passiflora, Thank you!