Monday, August 22, 2011

New WIP: Blue Grosbeak

Next up on the easel is an oil painting of a male blue grosbeak. I photographed this fellow along a brushy roadside in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. This piece currently measures out at 9x12" but I'm thinking of chopping the board down to an 8x10". After already starting work on it, I felt this piece would work better compositionally if the bird was more to the right. I should have given it more thought but was anxious to just get paintin'. For now, I'll leave it alone and decide later if it gets the table saw...he, he, he.

Click image to enlarge.


Caroline B said...

Don't hack at it yet! Many times I change my mind over the size of a board but put tape on the margins and only cut it at the end 'cos once it's gone, there's no sticking it back!

Jill Iversen said...

Also, I think it is good for him to have space infront of him "to go" when he takes off from his perch.

Fran A.H. Alvarado said...

Hello Kelly,
I think the composition would be better if the bird were a bit towards the right, but if you cut the work will have to remove the lower right corner of the picture which looks cool. The strokes in yellow, green and white which form the branches of the background are very good.
We'll see the final work; anyway it will be great I guess.