Friday, July 1, 2011

New WIP: Cougar in Oil

Back to the oils. I started this 16x12 of a cougar today. Just laid in a wash to cover the white of the canvas and to establish basic lights and darks. This is a semi-new painting. By that I mean, I've painted this image before while in Greg Beecham's Scottsdale workshop but I never finished it. Those that were in his class may remember this image. I came across the workshop piece again recently but something about it was bothering me now. I just felt like I could make it better. So, I've decided to start it completely over. This time I'm painting it a little larger too. It will be a 16x12 (the other one was 14x11). There's really not a whole lot to see yet, but thought you might like to see the very beginnings of this one.

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Jill Iversen said...

Good job for keeping your nose to the drawing board!