Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update on Green Heron

Slowly but surely, work continues on the green heron. Yesterday was a great day to paint because it was pouring rain all day. I could not be distracted by playing outside. Today might be another's beautiful outside! I managed to get most of the heron himself finished. His front leg remains unfinished and I need to do a few touch-ups on the beak and neck area. I slowed down a bit on this piece when I hit the heron because I wanted him to be accurately painted since he is the focal point. Now that he's out of the way (for the most part) I should be able to roll along at a quicker pace. We'll see...

Friday, April 8, 2011

New WIP: Little Green Heron

I have a little green heron underway. This one is a 12x24 oil on Gessobord panel. This one is going to be particularly challenging because of the heron's marshy surroundings...reeds, water, slimy get the idea. Hope I can pull it off! I photographed this heron while at Chincoteague NWR a few years ago.