Saturday, June 12, 2010

New WIP: Bison Bull

I finished loosely blocking in an oil painting of a bison today. This piece measures out at 12 x 24. I photographed this big bull resting along a stream on one of my visits to Yellowstone years ago. Gosh, I was still using film then! I just realized I have not been back since I've went to digital...that's got to change! He had 2 birds perched on his hump which I want to add to the painting as well. For now, I have not blocked them in but you can see where I've penciled them in. I need to find some better reference of the birds. I think they are cowbirds but am not entirely sure...will have to do some research.


Gary Keimig said...

looking nice Kelly. Very likely they are cowbirds. they are always around Bison. Hoping to get insects kicked up by the brutes.
Just returned from several days in Yellowstone. got some really great research on a lot of things that I will be posting on my blog withing next few days. Really excited about some of the material and am anxious to get to it.

Website Translation said...

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Kelly Singleton said...

Gary - Thanks, I suspected they were cowbirds. Yellowstone is amazing! One of my favorite places. I look forward to seeing what this latest trip to Yellowstone has inspired you to paint.