Monday, March 8, 2010

New WIP - Carolina Wren

I started this little 8x10 of a chipper Carolina wren on a milkweed stalk this past weekend. I'm painting on an old Gessobord panel that I had started a painting on but didn't like. I re-primed it and started to paint this piece with acrylics. I quickly realized I didn't like the slick surface under the acrylics and switched to painting in oils. Much better. Here's a few progression shots:


Beverly Gurganus said...

Looking good thus far...I can just feel the softness of the bird's feathers. Looking forward to seeing it in it's finished state.

Ralph said...

Looking just awesome could almost reach out and touch this beautiful little bird.

Michi said...

u got some freakin stuff on your blog
a like it pretty cool

i just started bloggin a few weeks ago

u really should take a look at it

James F. Smith said...

Cute bird!! Each time you put in another masterpiece, I want to start painting birds or other animals!!

Anonymous said...
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