Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on Fox Watercolor

I'm sort of working my way up on this one. I got the water pretty much out of the way to start off with. Now, I'm progressing up the stream bank laying in the roots of the tree, snow on the rocks, and shadows on the snow.

I couldn't resist posting a few pics after yesterday's record blizzard...

Snow was above my knees, so it was over 2 ft. at this point in the yard. There were areas that were much higher from the drifting.

One of our pretty blue spruces.


Bonnie Heather said...

Your water is magnificent. Can't wait to see the rest.

Carl said...

Hi Kelly,
This is the first time i have visited your site. I enjoyed your work very much. I look forward to visiting in the future.

Gary Keimig said...

We sure need some of that white stuff, Kelly. Any way you could share?
Your water looks really great in the fox painting. Love it.

sev said...

That fox painting is fascinating , im loving how you are creating it . From the bottom up ! im always amazed how all us artists do it differently . please keep posting !
sev :-)

Kelly Singleton said...

Bonnie - Thanks :)

Carl - Hi, welcome!

Gary - Thanks! I wish I could share the snow with ya...another 12-20+ is in the forecast starting this afternoon...we're still digging out from the last blast. I've had enough!

Sev - It is fascinating to see how artists work; everyone has a different approach. In pieces such as this one where there is more habitat than animal, I tend to save the animal for last. It's kind of a little reward for me. I painted the water first because I was the most excited about it. I've decided to just work up from there.

Francisco J. Hernández said...

Great!, the snow and the sky reflection with blue colours !!. I´m waiting the finished one. Greetins.