Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finished - Osprey Painting

The osprey is finished (I think). I'm going to set this one aside for awhile and determine if it needs any tweaking. I thought I'd be finished with it yesterday, but I just wasn't quite satisfied with the water beneath the osprey so I worked on it another 4 hours this morning. It improved thank goodness! I apologize that the photos are not the greatest, but for the meantime these will have to do...I will post a better photo when I get one. Hope you like it!


Peter Brown said...

Looks great Kelly. I don't see much of your red underpainting showing through. Did you cut the top off as planned?

Gary Keimig said...

Really nice, Kelly.
Tweaking or not I think you have it.
We have Osprey on my river through the summer and they are such a great bird. I have watched them catch some pretty good sized trout off my river and marvel at their proficiency.

Kelly Singleton said...

Peter: Thanks! The red underpainting is still showing through in places, the photos just are not great. The top is not cut off yet, but it will be. I cropped the photos so you can see what it will look like.
Gary: Thank you! Yes, ospreys are wonderful birds. I love watching them. We have lots of bald eagles here on our river too and being the opportunists they are, we have watched them steal ospreys catches.

wildlifeart said...

Love it! That red really worked well :)

Kelly Singleton said...

Thank you Jason!