Sunday, October 18, 2009

October visit to Blackwater NWR & Chincoteague NWR

Earlier this week, I visited a couple of my favorite local birding spots - Blackwater NWR in Cambridge, MD and Chincoteague NWR in VA. Depending on what season you visit, one can see many different species of birds nesting, migrating through, or wintering over. My husband and I had planned on taking our kayaks with us to paddle Blackwater's trails, but with rain looming in the forecast, we just opted to take our bikes instead which proved to be a great way of touring the refuges and observing the wildlife. At Blackwater, the marsh was in bloom, painted and red-bellied turtles were basking, and bald eagles were abundant everywhere on the marsh. Here's just a few photos (of many) I took of the eagles:

A favorite snag overlooking the marsh.

A bald eagle flying off with his catch.

A beautiful banded garden spider on one of the bird boxes.

Biking around Blackwater.

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