Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Female Cardinal Painting

Here's the last few day's work. I spent the time working on the hemlock branches.


Peter Brown said...

Kelly, this is looking great! It's interesting to see how you've used similar colours in the bird and in the background.

I note that you've used Ampersand panel in the past. How does it compare to gessoed masonite?

The reason I ask is that I gessoed and sanded some masonite recently but was disappointed with it as a support for my acrylics - perhaps I sanded it too smooth and lost any "tooth".

Kelly Singleton said...

Peter, thank you. Glad you noticed the similar colors in the bird and background. Mother nature is fascinating.

Yes, I use the Ampersand panels alot. I use the textured one which is now called "Aquabord". I like some tooth; I guess this is in part because of my long history with watercolors. I'm usually not fond of ultra-slick smooth surfaces like the sanded gessoed masonite. I don't like the "feel" of it. Paint doesn't sink into the surface, it just kind of slides around on top. What a like about Aquabord is that the surface feels similar to painting on watercolor paper. I can use watercolor techniques like light washes with the acrylics and the color actually absorbs into the clay surface like paper. With gessoed masonite, I cannot do that. I find myself fighting hard edges all the time when I want soft edges. I suspect you did sand your masonite too smooth; give the Aquabord a try. I have a feeling you'll like it if you are like me and prefer some tooth. Note: I do give the boards a very light sand before painting on them because they do have some uneven bumps on the panels right out of the wrapper. Hope this helps.

Peter Brown said...

Thanks Kelly - that's very helpful. My largest local supplier doesn't list Ampersand panels on their online store. Hopefully I can find some elsewhere.