Friday, July 17, 2009

Update 2 on Female Cardinal Painting

Today's work. Still working on the branches. Refining needles, pinecones, and other details at this point. As I usually tend to do, I will save the remaining work on the bird for last. It's kind of like a reward to myself after finishing my backgrounds. I'm really hoping to finish this one up this weekend. The deadline looms and the outdoors are calling :)


Gary Keimig said...

congratulations on your Driftwood Perch, Kelly. Well deserved.
I really like your composition and color work on this cardinal piece. It is going to be a winner.

Kelly Singleton said...

Thanks Gary. Congrats to you on the award you received at the WRVAG show. That was a great piece!

Carol Andre' said...

Gorgeous piece Kelly. Love the way it's coming along.