Monday, July 6, 2009

New WIP - Female Cardinal

I started this new painting over the holiday weekend. It will be my entry for the Gilcrease Museum's popular American Art in Miniature show & sale. The show's rules stipulate that paintings must be 9x12 or smaller. This one measures 8x10 and I am using acrylics. Cardinals are frequent visitors to my feeder and I am especially attracted to the females coloration of gold, red, and olivey green. I find them more interesting to paint than the males. I am using reference I shot back in the winter when we had a light snowfall. I threw up the window in our kitchen and shot away. The house makes for a lovely blind! We have a large hemlock tree near the feeder where the birds fly back and forth from when feeding. I love its willowy branches and its little pinecones. It makes a lovely backdrop for a cardinal especially with snow sprinkled on its needles. Hard to resist painting that!

You're probably wondering if I ever finished the red-legged honeycreeper...well, I did finish it but I need to take it to get photographed. I figured I'd wait until I got it professionally scanned before I post it. I tried taking my own photo, but I cannot seem to get a decent photo of it. So, stay tuned. I'll post it in the next couple of weeks!


Elflling said...

Although early in its stage, I can already see a beautiful painting coming into being! Your works are amazing... Regarding the American Art in Miniature show, I did a search and found the link to their 2008 show -- astonishing work at such small scale! Is this an invitation show? Since I did not find the prospectus for the 2009 show on the museum website. In fact I did not find any information regarding attending the show opening for 2009 either. Is it just too early in the season and they have not updated the information yet? Thanks!

Kelly Singleton said...

Thank you for the kind comment, much appreciated.

The AAIM show is initially by invitation, but then the work is juried to participate. The museum does not post a prospectus probably since it is by invitation. Information about the opening will be posted later. Check back around Aug/Sept. The show opens in Oct.

Carol Lambert said...

I always enjoy seeing your work in progress. You are also an inspiration in the way you keep to the task and make sure your art is out in public to be seen. I look forward to seeing the next phase of this piece!

James F. Smith said...

Looking forward to see the finished piece. I just found out how to go into my address and check out the latest!!! To many things in the internet!!

Carol Andre' said...

Kelly- absolutely love the colors... looking forward to seeing her finished.

Kelly Singleton said...

Carol L: Thanks, much appreciated -I'm certainly trying!

James: Thanks and yes, there is alot to learn about blogging but sounds like you're getting the hang of it!

Carol A: Thank you! I really like your latest egret painting! You used some nice colors and light yourself.