Sunday, April 12, 2009

New WIP - Great Horned Owl portrait

This weekend, I started work on a private commission of a great horned owl. This is one of two owl portraits that my client is commissioning me to paint. The other owl portrait will be of a red phase eastern screech owl. They will both be 7 x 5 inches in acrylic. I started this piece by priming a Ampersand panel in a medium grey tone. I then transferred my sketch onto the panel. The painting began with the eyes and I radiated out to the facial disks. I'm loosely blocking in colors at this point and building up details as I go. The client requested that a lodgepole pine be included in the painting which you can see the start of on the left.
Happy Easter!


Johnny said...

Kelly this looking great! One of my favorite birds.

Kelly Singleton said...

Thanks John! This is one of my favorite birds as well. I love painting them. They are so fierce-looking!