Monday, November 24, 2008


Fellow artist and blogger, Carol Lambert informed me that I'd been 'tagged'. Thank you Carol for thinking of me. Carol is an Alaskan painter who paints still lifes and landscapes of her surroundings. Her blog is dedicated to her daily paintings. Someday Carol I will make my way to Alaska!

The rules for tagging are these:

1. Put a link in your posting about the artist that tagged you.
2. Write 5-7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 5-7 other bloggers and let them know.

Things that could possibly be considered unusual about me:

1. I REALLY enjoy time alone.
2. I'm not afraid of snakes or spiders. In fact, I find them fascinating.
3. I've never been camping...and here I paint nature and love being in the outdoors.
4. I'd prefer to dine at a diner rather than at a fancy restaurant. I'm a cheap date.
5. I do not find diamonds to be beautiful.
6. Getting dirty doesn't bother me...I purposely run through mud puddles on my mountain bike because it's fun.
7. I do not own a cell phone.

These are the artists I'm tagging. Please visit them, and I hope you find as much enjoyment as I do at their blogs.

Joni: My friend and fellow wildlife artist. She paints realistic wildlife in acrylic and oil. She is also a wonderful photographer which you will notice on her blog.

John: A very talented artist I admire who paints wildlife and portraits. His sketches/studies are incredible.

Carel: His meticulous paintings of obscure, lesser-known creatures are stunning.

Rachelle: She and her husband Wes paint beautiful exacting miniatures in watercolor.

Julie: She paints expressionistic, colorful subjects of the West - wildlife, horses, and rodeo. Her blog is entertaining and informative.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

American Art in Miniature Sale

Tonight is the reception and art sale at American Art in Miniature, the Gilcrease Museum's popular miniature show. Here is a link to view the entire show with prices. Any works not sold this evening will be available through the web site until November 16th. My work "Brown Eyed Girl" is included in the show.

Brown Eyed Girl, acrylic, 8 x 10 inches, SOLD

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote for me!

The Baker Artists Awards celebrate Baltimore's artists on the Web with an ongoing exhibition of its diverse artistic practice, and the Mary Sawyer Baker Prize will establish Baltimore’s reputation as a creatively rich and vital place to live with a civic commitment to value its individual artists.Please take a minute to visit my work on the Baker Artist Awards web site. As a Baltimore artist, I am eligible to win the significant Mary Sawyers Baker Prize or maybe bragging rights as Baltimore’s Choice. Either way, please follow the link and vote for me... and, if you live in Baltimore, you could also Nominate your own work! Now GO sign-up and vote

Melati - Sumatran Tiger, watercolor, 7 x 11 inches

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back from AZ and new painting

I'm back from sunny and warm was in the mid 90's the whole time. I had a really fun time hanging out with my artist friends Joni and Sandra and I had an enjoyable workshop with Greg Beecham. We spent two days (one day before the workshop and one day after) at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. What a wonderful place for a wildlife artist to get reference. I especially enjoyed the raptor free flights. During this program, we got to watch a barn owl, a raven, a ferruginous hawk and a family of Harris hawks fly free over the open desert. It was a thrilling experience to see these powerful birds in flight up close. I got some great shots that I am anxious to paint, especially one in particular of a Harris hawk. Stay tuned!

I learned alot in Greg's workshop and I am excited to get to work on some new oil paintings. My in-class painting got off to a shaky start...I was worrying too much about details, falling back on my old habits...but with Greg's help, I decided to just let loose and have fun with it. It's different from my usual work, but I like it. Here is the end result. By the way, the painting is of my handsome Boxer boy, Max :) I'd love to hear your comments on this one...