Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beecham artist workshop

I'm leaving for Scottsdale, AZ this weekend to attend an artist workshop taught by one of my favorite wildlife artists, Greg Beecham. My friend, and fellow artist, Joni Johnson-Godsy will also be attending Greg's workshop. I am really looking forward to it. Greg is an accomplished oil painter whose work I greatly admire. His work is so if his subjects could just walk off the canvas. Yet, he accomplishes the illusion of detail with painterly, almost sculptural strokes. Oh, how I wish I could do that! I'm taking along a problem painting of mine that I started last year of a cougar cub. I was trying to be "painterly" with it but I just got discouraged and quit working on it. Ever since, it's been sitting in a corner of my studio facing the wall so I can't see it. From time to time, I pick it up and turn it around to look at it... I think to myself that it still has promise, but then I just put it back against the wall, not knowing what to do with it. I sure hope Greg can help me out with it.

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