Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Art of Conservation - Opening Weekend

This past rainy weekend, I attended the opening of the Artists for Conservation (AFC) group's inaugural exhibition hosted by the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum. Many of the exhibiting artists, representing 7 countries, were in attendance.

The Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, Oradell, NJ.

At the entrance to the Blauvelt.

On Friday, AFC sponsored a bus trip to the Bronx Zoo. I missed the trip because I was on the road to the show. I heard from several fellow artists that the zoo's snow leopards were particularly active which made me regret missing the trip, but there was no way I could have altered my travel plans. That evening, the artists were treated to a dessert buffet along with a private viewing of the show. This was followed by several interesting slide presentations given by members who participated in the AFC's flag expedition program.

Me standing by my piece Rare Beauty - Snow Leopard.

Saturday morning, was another optional bus trip to the Museum of Natural History in NYC for a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum's dioramas. Saturday evening, the museum hosted a dinner at the museum and we dined amidst the fabulous artwork. Awards were presented including several Awards of Excellence and Robert Bateman was present to receive his special honor, the Simon Combe's Award for Conservation.

Sunday afternoon, the show opened to the public and there was a large turnout with several sales. The show was a big success. Everyone was impressed with the thoughtful layout of the artwork, the quality of the art, and the accompanying hardbound catalog was beautifully done.

Following are some random images from the show...

On the "Art of Conservation" wall, from left to right - Dag Peterson's The Wilderness is Calling; Robert Bateman's Pelican Diving; David Kitler's Harpy Eagle - Portraits. In the foreground is Dale Weiler's marble sculpture Nowhere To Go.

Robert Bateman's work on loan for the exhibit, Rockface Descent - Leopard.

From left to right around the room: Oscar Famili's Curiosity and the Cat and Persian Onager's Winter Feast; Laura Mark-Finberg's Intensity (Young Tiger); Brian Jarvi's The Rising and my piece Rare Beauty - Snow Leopard. In the foreground left to right: Tucker Bailey's bronze Clouded Leopard and Karryl's MMM...Tasty.

The "Small Works" wall. Top row from left to right: Sue Adair's Hector; Melanie Fain's On the Brink; and Carel Brest van Kempen's Nosy Mangabe Panther Chameleon. Bottom row from left to right: Patricia Pepin's Walking Elephant; Diane Versteeg's Tobacco Hornworm Moth I; Kelly Dodge's Zippity Doo Dah; Deborah Crossman's Hyacinth Macaw; and Linda Rossin's Maritime Migrator.

Some minis on this wall. From left to right: Rachelle Siegrist's Beautiful Beast of Borneo and Mmmm...Love Your Perfume! ; Wes Siegrist's The Cycle of Life; and Linda Rossin's Silhouettes Along the Shore.

From left to right: Kelly Dodge's On Solid Rock We Stand and Lorna Hamilton's On the Edge. In the foreground is Jeff Whiting's bronze George River Peregrine.

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